The First Families Project

We don't have to tell you that things are tough today and there are a lot of scams and "Get Rich" schemes going around out there.

First let me assure you that this is not a scam or a "Get Rich" scheme, but an honest request of your help in creating this exciting "First Families" site.

There are millions of stories to be told and we are looking for a few key partners to help us with this project while at the same time earning some extra money.


  • An interest in history and the initiative to dig out these stories so they can be told in a fresh and engaging way.
  • To devote some time on a regular basis to writing stories on the early settlers of a community.
    The First Families Project has 5 income streams. Some of these are immediate and others will help to build long term residual income.
  • Sale of books and CD-ROMS from the web site. Your commission will vary from 15% to 50% depending on the arrangement we have made with the authors and publishers.
  • Sale of banner ads on your page which focus on the communities you showcase.
  • A share in the advertising revenues generated by the Google and affiliate ads on the site.
  • Compensation for the "family histories" you sell to be included in the "First Families" book.
  • Permanent residual income from the sale of the "First Families" book to be published from the work you've created.
  • The technical expertise to build and maintain the First Families Website.
  • Editing and publishing assistance as you create your "First Families" website and ultimately the book.
  • Printing, binding, invoicing and shipping of the books and CD-ROMS you sell on the website and ultimately your "First Families" book.
  • Promotion and advertising of the First Families series of books to libraries and book dealers.

  • Click on the SHOWCASE SITE and see the kind of things we are doing here.
  • Contact us at indicating your interest in participating.
  • Ordering via EMAIL is easy.

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    Orders may also be sent via U.S. Snail to:
    Eastern Digital Resources
    5705 Sullivan Point Drive
    Powder Springs, GA 30127

    Tel: (803) 661-3102