Mississippi 16th Infantry Regiment

Historical Notes:
The Mississippi 16th Infantry Regiment was formed on June 17th, 1861. The companies were in camp three months at Corinth as State troops, before being called into the Confederate States service. Captain Carnot Posey, formerly a Lieutenant in Col. Jefferson Davis' regiment, Mexican war, was elected Colonel.

In Northeastern Virginia the regiment was assigned to a brigade commanded by Gen. George B. Crittenden. They fought throughout the war in Virginia, surrendering at Appomattox only 68 men of the more than 900 who joined in 1861.
Carnot Posey, promoted Brigadier-General, mortally wounded at Bristoe Station
Samuel E. Baker, killed at Bloody Angle
Edward C. Councill, mortally wounded at Weldon Railroad.
Robert Clark
James J. Shannon
Abram M. Feltus, killed at Spottsylvania
Seneca McNeil Bain
Jeff H. Bankston
Samuel E. Baker
E. C. Councill
S. M. Bain
Thomas R. Stockdale
A. B. Snell
G. Alston Groves, died at Gettysburg
Assistant Surgeons:
Gwin and Groves
S. H. Ross, died 12 February, 1863
A. H. Lomax, 1863-65.
Assigned to Gen. George B. Crittenden’s Brigade
Trimble's brigade of Ewell's division
Featherston's Mississippi brigade of Wilcox's division, Longstreet's corps.
General Posey’s brigade
Shenandoah Valley Campaign
Cross Keys
Seven Days Battles
Gaines’ Mill
Malvern Hill
Kelly’s Ford
2nd Manassas
Bristoe Campaign
Mine Run Campaign
The Wilderness
Spotsylvania Court House
North Anna
Cold Harbor
Petersburg Siege
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2483 men.

Company A -- Summit Rifles (raised in Pike County, MS)
Company B -- Westville Guards (raised in Simpson County, MS)
Company C -- Crystal Springs Southern Rights (raised in Copiah County, MS)
Company D -- Adams Light Guard No. 2 (raised in Adams County, MS)
Company E -- Quitman Guards (raised in Pike County, MS)
Company F -- Jasper Greys (raised in Jasper County, MS)
Company G -- Fairview Rifles, aka Claiborne Rangers (raised in Claiborne County, MS)
Company H -- Defenders (raised in Smith County, MS)
Company I -- Adams Light Guard No. 1 (raised in Adams County, MS)
Company K -- Wilkinson Rifles (raised in Wilkinson County, MS)
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