Misssissippi 1st Choctaw Battalion



      The Mississippi 1st Choctaw Battalion Cavalry was organized at Jackson, Mississippi, during the summer of 1862. It contained Choctaw Indians from the region south of Jackson. The unit served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana and skirmished within the boundaries of Mississippi. On June 9, 1863, it disbanded.


      Major J. W. Pierce


      Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana


      This roster is obviously incomplete. The reference to Companies A and B indicate the Battalion had at least two companies and probably 200 men or more. If you can help to complete the roster or have information on any of the men listed, please drop us a note.

      Billy, ~ Co.
      Charley, ~ Co.
      Chubby, Thomas ~ Co.
      Davis, James ~ Co.
      Doolittle, C.H. ~ Co. B
      Duckworth, B. ~ Co. B
      Furlow, T. W. ~ Co. A
      Gibson, ~ Co.
      Isaac, ~ Co.
      James, ~ Co.
      Jefferson, ~ Co.
      Joshua, Silas ~ Co.
      Pierce, J. W. ~ Co.
      Pierce, T. J. ~ Co. A
      Selvis, ~ Co.
      Silas, ~ Co.
      Washington, George ~ Co.
      Welsh, Thos. H. ~ Co. B
      Wigginton, ~ Co.
      Williamson, ~ Co.
      Willis, Isaac ~ Co.
      Wilson, ~ Co.



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