Mississippi 1st Confederate Veterans

Historical Notes:
William W. Wier (also listed as Weir), Lieutenant-Colonel Thirty-seventh, was in command of the expedition from Mobile for defense of the Mobile & Ohio against Grierson's raid of December, 1864. He sent O'Neal's Regiment and Metts' Battalion and King's Battery ahead by train, and followed on another train with his own command to West Point. The battle at Egypt, December 28, was fought by the troops of the first train and Gholson's command. A portion of the train with the battery escaped and was met by Wier's train. Wier's command engaged the enemy and checked their further progress south on the railroad. Wier had 3 wounded and reported 7 Federal dead in the action with his command. Wier signed as Lieutenant-Colonel First Confederate Veterans. Officers:
Lieut. Col. William M. Wier
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