Mississippi 1st Infantry Regiment ~ Simonton's

Historical Notes:
The Mississippi 1st Infantry Regiment, 682 strong, completed its organization at Corinth, Mississippi, during the spring of 1861. The men were raised in the counties of Marshall, Itawamba, De Soto, Panola, Lafayette, Tishomingo, and Smith. It was ordered to Kentucky then to Tennessee where on February 16, 1862, it was captured at Fort Donelson . During this fight the unit lost 16 killed and 61 wounded of the 331 engaged. Exchanged and attached to Beall's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, it was again captured at Port Hudson . After the exchange the regiment served in General Featherston's Brigade and fought with the Army of Tennessee from Resaca to Bentonville . In December, 1864, only 65 officers and men were present for duty, and very few surrendered in April, 1865. Officers:
Colonel Thomas H. Johnston
Colonel John M. Simonton
Lieutenant Colonel A. S. Hamilton
Major M. S. Alcorn
Attached to Beall's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana
General Featherston's Brigade
Ft. Donelson
The Atlanta Campaign
The Carolinas Campaign
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1695 men.

Company A -- Walker Reserves Marshall County, MS)
Company B -- Mooresville Darts Itawamba County, MS)
Company C -- Reub Davis Rebels Pontotoc County, MS)
Company D -- DeSoto Greys DeSoto County, MS)
Company E -- Pleasant Mount Rifles Panola County, MS)
Company F -- Alcorn Rifles Marshall County, MS)
Company G -- Dave Rogers Rifles Lafayette County, MS)
Company H -- James Creek Volunteers Tishomingo County, MS)
Company I -- Rifle Scouts Itawamba County, MS)
Company K -- Mississippi Yankee Hunters Itawamba County, MS)
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