South Carolina
4th Cavalry Regiment
Company E


Statistical Summary:

Organized 13 APR 1861
Number of men enrolled 137
Killed in battle 8
Wounded 16
Captured 9
Died of disease 19
Total casualties 52
Percentage casualties 38%
Died since war 39
Living in 1897 55

COMPANY E, 4TH SOUTH CAROLINA CAVALRY Was originally organized in Marlboro County in the latter part of the year 1861. The Company left Marlboro for Georgetown, South Carolina, January 22, 1862, and in the spring of 1864 were transferred to Virginia and became a part of Butler's Brigade of Hampton's Division.


    Emanuel, Wm. P., elected Major May 1862; captured Trevilian Station, 1864; died about 1879

    Edens, Henry, promoted captain from 3d lieutenant 1862; honorable discharged 1863; died since war

    Breeden, Peter L. promoted from 1st lieutenant 1863; wounded Hawe's Shop 1864.

    McGilvray, B. F., 1st lieutenant, transferred 1862; killed Petersburg, Virginia

    Breeden, P.L., 1st lieutenant, promoted from 2d lieutenant 1861

    Edens, Allen, 1st lieutenant, promoted from 2d lieutenant 1863; died at home

    Weatherly, J.N., promoted from 3 lieutenant 1863; wounded at Lee's Mill 1864; died March 3, 1893

    Alford, Sion H., 3rd lieutenant, dead

    Bristow, Wm. M. 3d lieutenant, resigned 1863; died at home

    Long, Henry A. promoted to 3 lieutenant in 1863; died at home 1864

    Herndon, John J. 1st sergeant, furnished substitute in 1862; dead

    Bennett, Nevil, 1st sergeant, honorably discharged

    Bone, Nicholas P. 1st sergeant, died since war

    Adams, Jonathan, 2nd sergeant

    McColl, John S., 3d sergeant, died since war

    Weatherly, C.A., 4th sergeant

    McRae, James c. 1st corporal; wounded Haw's Shop

    Parish, John, 2nd corporal

    Newton, Joseph, 3d corporal

    Weatherly, Robert T., 4th corporal, died at Pocotaligo, South Carolina 1863

    Smith, Wm. Benjamin, 5th corporal, died since war


    Adams, Andrew J., died since war

    Adams, Peter L. died Camp Waccamaw 1862

    Anderson, George, lost sight of

    Bone, Nicholas P., elected sergeant; dead

    Bone, Leonard D.

    Bass, Wade, H. wounded Trevilian Station, Virginia

    Breeden, John L., killed 1864

    Brigman, Wm, killed at home 1864

    Brigman, John transferred to 26th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers

    Brigman, Alex

    Brigman, Evander, transferred to 26th Regiment

    Britt, James

    Britt, Thos. P., dead

    Bundy, Wm., dead

    Byrd, Levi

    Calder, Peter, lost foot at Hawe's Shop; dead

    Cope, Daniel, captured at Hawe's Shop; taken prisoner at Point Lookout Prison Camp, Maryland and transferred to Elmira Prison Camp in 1864 until end of the war; died Savannah, Georgia in 1880

    Cottingham, Thos., alive

    Cottingham, Ucal, wounded Trevilian, died in hospital

    Coward, Lewis, went West after war

    Cork, James, died since war

    Cork, John

    Driggers, Aaron T., dead

    Driggers, Abner, died since war

    Driggers, Philip, killed Lee's Mill 8164

    DuPre, Thomas J. transferred from 8th Regiment to Company E; wounded; died since war

    Earl, Elijah

    Easterling, Henry

    Edens, Thomas, W. died 1895

    Emanuel, Chas. L. dead

    Evans, C.D.

    Fraser, John, killed Hawe's Shop 1864

    Freeman, Benj, killed Hawe's Shop, May 28, 1864

    Freeman, James wounded at Reaves' Station; died since war

    Gibson, Thos. Captured Trevilian; died since war

    Grant, Barnabas, captured Trevilian; died Elmira Prison, New York

    Grooms, Evander, transferred to 26th Regiment S.C. Volunteers

    Hall, Wm., transferred to Company D 26th Regiment

    Haithcock, Wm

    Jackson, Chas. Dead

    Jackson, Joseph, captured Trevilian Station; died Elmira Prison, New York

    Jackson, Laban M.

    Jacobs, Bethel, dead

    Jacobs, David

    Jacobs, Samuel, transferred to company D 26th Regiment SC Volunteers

    Jones, John, killed Hawe's Shop, May 28, 1864

    Lide, William

    McLaurin, Alex L., dead

    McLaurin, D.P., transferred to Company A 23rd Regiment South Carolina Volunteers

    McLaurin, Jas. W., captured Stoney Creek, Virginia; died 1894

    McLaurin, Lauchlin, A. dead

    McLaurin, Loch B.

    McInnis, James

    McInnis, John

    McCrimmon, John A.

    McColl, John S. dead

    The History of Marlboro County has "McColl, John S. dead" and "McColl, Hugh S., captured Trevilian; died in prison". The problem is there was only one John S. (Sydney) McColl in Company "E" and he was captured by Union forces 1st Division at Cheraw, South Carolina and he did not die; he died in New South Wales, Australia and is buried there.

    John enlisted as a Private in Co. "E", 4th South Carolina, Rutledge's Regiment South Carolina Cavalry, on January 12, 1862 at Bennettsville, Marlboro, South Carolina, was wounded on October 27, 1864; and was admitted to the C.S.A. General Hospital in Danville, Virginia on November 1st, being transferred the same day to the Pettigrew Hospital No. 13 in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he is shown on the records of November 24th. Hospital records record his reason for admittance as "V.S. right arm flesh (core)"; being returned to duty on December 26th. John was taken prisoner on March 3, 1865, by Union forces 1st Division at Cheraw, South Carolina; and placed in the custody of Captain John C. Marvin, 17th Army Corps. Private John Sydney McColl, Co. "E", 4th South Carolina, Rutledge's Regiment South Carolina Cavalry was then delivered as a prisoner of war to New Berne, North Carolina by Captain A. Burns, Co. "D", Illinois 10th Infantry. On April 3, 1865, John was then delivered to Point Lookout, Maryland Union prison. John survived, and was eventually released on June 29, 1865 by G.O. No. 109, A.G.O.; after swearing and signing an 'Oath of Allegiance' to the Union States.(Directly from his Muster Roll card records)

    McColl, Hugh S., captured Trevilian; died in prison

    Morris, Thos. J.

    Marshall, John

    Murdock, John T. dead

    Mulligan, James

    McRae, Angus, died Pocotaligo, South Carolina

    McRae, Daniel C. dead

    McRae, John D. dead

    McRae, James A., dead

    McRae, James

    McRae, J. Calvin

    Newton, Cornelius D.

    Newton, Hope Hull, severely wounded, Hawe's Shop, May 28, 1865

    Newton, Joseph

    Newton, Richard D. died Wilson, North Carolina 1864

    Newton Peyton V. died 1896

    Newton, Thos. B.

    Odom, Evander W. severely wounded Burgess' Mill 1864

    Odom, Noah

    Odom, Daniel J

    Odom, H. King

    Odom, Jas. Thomas, killed Trevilian Station 1864

    Odom, John, killed Hawe's Shop, 1864

    Odom, Nehemiah

    Odom, Robt. H., died since war

    Odom, Thos. Q.

    O'Nails, James

    Parker, Andrew dead

    Parker, Elijah, wounded

    Parker, Harrison, dead

    Powers, Ellison, dead

    Parrott, James

    Prevatt, Angus, wounded Hawe's Shop; died since war

    Prevatt, James

    Pope, Bennett, J. wounded Hawe's Shop; died since war

    Proctor, Thos. A. died since war

    Quick, Leggett

    Rainwaters, Joshua, died in prison

    Rogers, Wm

    Roper, Caswell, wounded Lee's Mill, Virginia, died since war

    Sanders, Moses P., dead

    Sawyer, John H.

    Sellers, Bryant J., died McPhersonville, SC, August 13, 1863

    Smith, Herbert, captured Trevilian, died in prison

    Smith, Joseph R.

    Stackhouse, H. Milton

    Stackhouse, Robt. Boyd, died since war from wound received at Hawe's Shop

    Stackhouse, John, captured and died Elmira Prison, New York

    Stuckey, Ben N

    Stubbs, Thos A. dead

    Sweat, Henry, died since war

    Sweat, Saml. Dead

    Sweat, Sandford, dead

    Sweat, Wm. K, dead

    Thomas, James, died at Camp Marion, South Carolina, 1862

    Thomas, Nathan S. dead

    Weatherly Isaac, dead

    West, William, wounded Hawe's Shop, died since war

    Young, Jackson, lost sight of.

    (Where not marked dead, supposed to be alive)

    The notations after each man is his status when the book was written in the late 1890s. The book was published posthumously in 1897.

    A History of Marlboro County, South Carolina by J.A .W. Thomas Reprint sponsored by the Marlborough Historical Society
    Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore 1989
    Originally published Atlanta, 1897
    Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 73-181859
    International Standard Book Number 0-8063-7985-5

Special thanks to Barbara Cope Svetlick ( for transcribing this roster.

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