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The following volumes are available for California research. Subscribers to the ResearchOnLine Digital Library may access any of these volumes at no charge.

  • Bancroft, Hubert Howe. History of Carlifornia - Vol. 20
  • Orton, Richard H. Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion. - 886 pgs.
  • Newmark, Harris. Sixty Years in Carlifornia: A History of Life and Events in Carlifornia from 1831 - 1891
  • Hancock, Almira Russell Reminiscences of Winfield Scott Hancock - 340 pgs.
  • Hittell, Theodore Henry History of California - 856 pgs.
  • Johnston, Preston The Life of General Albert Sidney Johnston Embracing his Services in the Armies of the United States, The Republic of Texas and the Confederate States - 755 pgs.
  • U.S. Govt. Printing Office. Official Records of Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion, Series I, Vol. 17 - p 688 on Gift, pp 701-702 on Frazee, pp 700 & 874 on Gift and Frazee.
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