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The following volumes are available for Maine research. Subscribers to the ResearchOnLine Digital Library may access any of these volumes at no charge.

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot, 1805-77
The History of Maine
623 pgs.
Eastern Digital Resources
Records of Maine Civil War Soldiers
Contains service records on 6000 men from Maine, mostly surnames A E
Gettysburg Commission
Maine at Gettysburg
602 pgs.
Gould, John Mead
History of the First - Tenth - Twenty-ninth Maine regiment:
709 pgs.
Little, George Thomas Editor
Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine
813 pgs.
Porter, Joseph W.
The Maine Historical Magazine
269 pgs.
Tobie, Edward Parsons
History of the First Maine Cavalry, 1861 1865
735 pgs.
Whitman, William Edward S.
Maine in the War for the Union
667 pgs.

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