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Brewerton, George Douglas, 1820-1901
The war in Kansas. A rough trip to the border, among new homes & a strange people [illus.]

Brown, Spencer Kellogg, 1842-1863
Kellogg Brown, his life in Kansas & his death as a spy, 1842-1863, as disclosed in his diary...

Connelly, William Elsey
A standard history of Kansas and Kansans, Volume 1

Connelly, William Elsey
Quantrill & the Border Wars

Cordley, Richard & J.S.Boughton
The Lawrence Massacre by a Band of Missouri Ruffians Under Quantrell [Kansas Frontier]

Crawford, S. J.
Kansas in the sixties

Lines, Charles B., ed; b. New Haven
Memorial of Edward C. D. Lines, Late Captain of Co. C, 2g Reg't Kansas Cavalry [illus.]

Monks, William, 1830-1913
A history of southern Missouri & N. Arkansas: account of the early settlements, Civil War, KKK

Parrott, Marcus Junius, 1828-1879 (of Ka
Admission of Kansas. Speech, US House, Apr 10 1860

Peacock, Thomas Brower, 1852-1919
The Rhyme of the Border War. A historical poem of the Kansas-Missouri guerrilla war ...Chas Quantrell

Seward, William Henry, 1801-72
Speech, for immediate admission of Kansas, Senate, April 1856

Spring, Leverett Wilson
Kansas: Prelude to the War for the Union

Trow, Harrison (Capt.)
Charles W. Quantrell: A history of his guerrilla warfare on the Missouri & Kansas border, Civil War

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