Military Units
Formed in Richmond County


Local Name
1st Confederate Infantry Regiment Georgia VolunteersF1
1st Infantry Regiment (Ramsey's)D Oglethorpe Infantry
1st Infantry Regiment (Ramsey's)IWalker Light Infantry
3rd Infantry Regiment G Confederate Light Guards
3rd Infantry Regiment I1
5th Infantry RegimentAClinch Rifles
5th Infantry Regiment CIrish Volunteers
5th Infantry RegimentNName Unknown
9th Infantry Regiment 3rd Brig. Georgia State Troops A
10th Infantry Regiment B Letcher Guards
10th Infantry Regiment D Independent Blues
10th Infantry Regiment K Davis Musketeers
20th Infantry Regiment K Montgomery Guards
22nd Infantry RegimentA
48th Infantry Regiment C Georgia Light Guards
48th Infantry Regiment I Wilson Tigers
62nd Infantry Regiment E Jennings Rangers
62nd Infantry Regiment H
62nd Infantry Regiment I
63rd Infantry Regiment A Oglethorpe Light Artillery
Augusta City Guard
Augusta Arsenal Infantry Battalion
Augusta Fire Brigade Infantry Battalion Reserves
The Washington Light Artillery

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The First Families Project
Richmond County, GA

    John C. Rigdon
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